All current residents and non-resident homeowners of the Arden Park neighborhood are eligible for membership in the APHA.  Only dues-paying members have voting rights, but ALL residents of Arden Park receive benefit of the work that the APHA does.

Membership dues for the APHA are currently $120 per year per household.  If you are on a fixed income or have other financial constraints, pay what you can afford– some residents do pay less, and some residents pay more, so by all chipping in we can help each other out!

PLEASE NOTE – this is a 100% volunteer run and led organization, and as such, absolutely none of your membership dues is used for compensation of volunteers.  Volunteers may receive reimbursement for monetary expenses directly incurred on behalf of the APHA only after proper approval by the board.

To pay dues and become a supporting member of the APHA….

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We are an all volunteer neighborhood association, approved as a federally tax exempt
501(c)4 organization.  100% of your dues goes directly to services for the neighborhood.
Note that dues are not donations and are not deductible on individual tax returns.



You do not need to log in on the front page to access any information on the site at the current time.  In the future, we hope to offer different levels of access to information, as follows:

General Public This free level will be available to anyone, and will feature general information about regional matters.
Resident This free level will be available only to residents of Arden Park, and will feature all General Public information in addition to information specific to Arden Park (lost and found, upcoming events, etc.).
Resident Member This level will be available only to residents of Arden Park who are also dues-paying members of the Arden Park Homeowners Association (APHA), and will feature all Resident Membership information (such as board meeting minutes, budget information, etc) in addition to full access to the site’s members only benefits.